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  • It’s All About The Choices: One Woman’s Opinion
    It’s All About The Choices: One Woman’s Opinion

      By some standards I’m older than dirt! Looking in the rear view, I guess I have lived through a number of decades.  They all have such different memories.  And lessons learned. I remember as the 50s turned into the 60s finding out there was a whole big world out there outside my small home town. Lesson learned:  give a child a forest and a lake, a few wild animals and a whole lot of rain and they learn to create a world of wonder and adventure that is second to none.   I remember as the 60s turned into the 70s realizing that there was an even bigger world out there with war and hate on one side and hippies and peace and love on the other.  I so wanted to go to Woodstock and Haight-Ashbury but I was still too young; and my limited tv viewing flashed dreadful Read more →

  • Cluttered Space >> Muddled Mind

    I’m fundraising chair for a local charity this year.  As with last year, I’m organizing a Silent Auction to raise money. My local business community has really come together to support us, and we’ve had so many donations! and where are those donations being stored? Right!  in my office! I have stacks of gift certificates on one end of my desk; I have a variety of gift baskets pressed into a corner of my office; I have some beautiful artwork standing in my comfy chair; I have a number of other bulky items taking up space. I have a Cluttered Office!  and my productivity has gone down.   It’s like my available oxygen has been displaced.   It’s like my thoughts have too many obstructions to move freely. The fundraiser is this weekend… and not a moment too soon. What condition is your office in?  your desk?  your home?  your Read more →

  • Here’s Lookin’ At You, Kid. Or Not.

    Imagine: You are excited to create an online business and you’re determined to make it successful. You can picture yourself on your laptop working your business from the location of your dreams (of course, that location needs to have internet connectivity!) Question: If I go to your website, will I see your name and your smiling face? Are you comfortable being the face of your business? (Yes, you can go to a professional for hair and make-up!) There is no wrong answer here. Your answer is right for you. Sometimes, though, visitors to a website like to see who they are doing business with. Whatever your answer was, your business development plan will reflect and accommodate your choice. This is just one of the skills you’ll gain in “Sassy, Savvy & Successful at 60!” launching in the Spring of 2016.       Be Sociable, Share! Tweet Read more →

  • Do You Know Who You’re Talking To?

    Imagine this scenario: You have something really vital you want to share. You walk into a room with 1,000 people in it, many chatting with each other, some watching the video on a side stage, some reclining in easy chairs with a glass of wine dissing the politicians of the day, others off in a corner with that guru who has a similar message to share. Now imagine this scenario: You have something really vital you want to share. You walk into a room with 30 people in it. They have been waiting for you to arrive because they heard you were going to be presenting your topic so they hush immediately, take seats and are waiting eagerly for you to begin before you reach the podium. Which room would you rather enter? Which group will give you their undivided attention? Which group will be more likely to buy your Read more →